Be Prepared for a Good Turn

Sitting by the banks of a Golden River, listening to sounds of Myndgloid Swimmers.  “When will the Gaizsian Winds blow? What will The Hourglass show?”  “Battle-Scars slice in the sole’s foam. Once had many values, now I see(s) one tone.”  When will The Lessons be learned?

Be Prepared for a Good Turn.

In Elastic(ity) Gaizse assumes its Emerge(nt) nature, as if a Mantra were softly spoken.  And, it is in a Fabulous storm, Electric(al), where all things Infant(ile) gain in strength by The Other as if become a Beast, for a short while.  All around, and Smooth(ly), like a fecund smell, Gaizse Rough(ly) coinciding with Buheahmyth yell.  Where my God’s doth paint this Blister(ing) Lament, Earth Slow(ly) destroyed before it is remade again.  If they be Plunge(d) into the Waterlogged, Flapping Thongs with rhythmic tones Flopping Kinetic(ally), Gaizse is Transform(ing) the moment into our ever Widen(ing) home.

Be Prepared for a Good Turn.


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