Q:  What condiment do Art Collectors prefer on their Hoagies?
A:  Manets.


Q:  What ocean-bottom predator devoured the Art Collector’s Hoagie?
A:  A Man Ray.


Q:  Upon what does an Art Collector rest after eating a bunch of Hoagies?
A:  A Matta.


Q:  What does the Art Collector use to make sure she did not leave any lettuce between her teeth after eating the Hoagie?
A:  A Miro.


Q:  How does an Art Collector pay for her Hoagies?
A:  With Monet.


Q:  What fruit does an Art Collector prefer for dessert after eating her Hoagie?
A:  A Mondrian Orange.


Q:  What did the Art Collector say to his friend when he remained hungry after eating his Hoagie?
A:  Morandi.


Q:  What does an Art Collector do when he eats his Hoagie?
A:  Munch.




Q:  What did the Art Collector say to the friend who was bad-mouthing Hoagies?
A:  “O’Keafe it to yourself.”


Q:  What does an Art Collector do when Hoagie crumbs fall down the back of his pants?
A:  Picasso.


Q:  To what type of informal meal with friends do Art Collectors bring their Hoagies?
A:  Pollock.




Q:  In what type of lottery did the Art Collector participate in an attempt to win a Hoagie?
A:  A Raffael.


Q:  What does an Art Collector call a battle over a Hoagie between songbirds?
A:  A Renoir.


Q:  Where did the Art Collector spend his summers eating Hoagies?
A:  On the French Rivera.


Q:  What scurried across the Art Collector’s floor in an attempt to snatch her Hoagie?
A:  A Rodin.


Q:  What sandwich did the Art Collector eat when the Deli ran out of Hoagies?
A:  A Ruebens.


Q:  What did the Art Collectors do to settle their dispute over a Hoagie?
A:  Russell.


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