Space Jive Turkey (Astral Mix)

On April 6, 1997, Gaizse Music released its third album, entitled Cris Tobal’s Genealogy of Gaizse: Book One.  With a run time of one hour, ten minutes and twenty-six seconds, the album was conceived of as an anthology pulling together eleven remixed and original condition archival tracks representing conventional Gaizsian identified genres, including Salt Rock, Space Jive, and SZoundscape, among others.  “Space Jive Turkey (Astral Mix),” the album’s seventh track, is a traditional Space Jive song that was apparently sung in praise of the Ertez intergalactic hero referred to by the Ertez as Space Jive Turkey.  Gaizse Music originally composed, recorded, and mixed “Space Jive Turkey” during autumn 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for release on its first album, entitled Dangerarse Emergence! Plug It Up.  In winter 1997, Liam d’Noit remixed “Space Jive Turkey” to include an extended introduction pieced together by recording new drums, samples, and toy melodica to a previously recorded Kerry d’Noit guitar riff.  “Space Jive Turkey (Astral Mix)” includes electric guitars, bass guitar, sampling, programming by Kerry d’Noit and drums, sampling, programming, toy melodica, and lead vocals by Liam d’Noit.


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