During its autumn 1999 recording sessions in Brooklyn, New York, Gaizse Music discovered “Encodings,” one-minute sound pieces representing fragments of “The Plan” for the Universe that The Other embedded into Cris Tobal.  Immediately Kerry d’Noit and Liam d’Noit realized the need to gather sixty or more of these sound pieces for inclusion on a compilation yet to be released, entitled Cris Tobal’s Encodings, Vol. 1.  What they did not realize quite so readily was that the only rule for their composition–that each be exactly one minute in duration–made Encodings deceptively difficult to make and, therefore, a great way to practice song construction and to flesh out musical ideas for larger sound pieces.  “ZS0002://myndgloidspeak” was the second one-minute sound piece Gaizse Music produced and canonized as an Encoding and includes vocals, sampling, and programming by Kerry d’Noit and Liam d’Noit.


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