During its autumn 1999 recording sessions in Brooklyn, New York, Gaizse Music discovered “Encodings,” one-minute sound pieces representing fragments of “The Plan” for the Universe that The Other embedded into Cris Tobal.  Immediately Kerry d’Noit and Liam d’Noit realized the need to gather sixty or more of these sound pieces for inclusion on a compilation yet to be released, entitled Cris Tobal’s Encodings, Vol. 1.  In winter 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, guided by the rule that each Encoding be exactly one minute in duration, Liam d’Noit composed, recorded, and mixed “ZS0022://buttshiplanding.”  The twenty-second one-minute sound piece Gaizse Music produced and canonized as an Encoding, “ZS0022://buttshiplanding” includes sampling and programming by Liam d’Noit.


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